Monday, November 21, 2011

Donor Conception as a Topic for Comedy

I was asked to comment about the use of DC as a topic for comedy as has been the recent trend in Hollywood. With a word limit and of course with some usual changes by editors, the following is what has been put up on Merctornet:
I imagine that other disenfranchised groups (such as adoptees) have also had to put up with being the but of jokes over the years. Here's a tip; if you see me laugh at jokes made about kinship separation, it is not because they are funny, but because I am laughing in disbelief that the people making them are so ignorant and society is hypocritical about whether genetic connections are important.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What Has Religion Got To Do With It?

I’ve seen some articles, blog posts and comments whereby people have attacked the thoughts or theories some others have which may be anti-reproductive technologies, by claiming that the person is a right wing religious nut (not that there is anything wrong with being right wing or religious). This would be all well and good but the original person who has made the anti-reproductive technologies in many instances has not even brought religion into the argument.
What I see occurring is that the respondents are incensed by what they read, but are unable to come up with logical or intellectual arguments against the original persons concepts and ends up resorting to what amounts basically to name calling. What is even funnier (although I don’t really think it is funny), is when the original person isn’t even the religion (and sometimes actually an atheist) that the respondent claims they are.
Religion has a place in society and while I don’t think that it is necessary to bring it into any of these arguments as there are plenty of ethical, legal and medical arguments that stand on their own merit, if people wish to make statements in regard to religion then they should be allowed to without being ridiculed.
I wonder how many people may have called me a right wing religious nut, without knowing that I am essentially an atheist who believes in the good of humanity (secular humanism).