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Monday, June 29, 2015

National Donor Conceived Persons Conference

A National Donor Conceived Persons Conference was held last weekend on the 27th June, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia.
In attendance was 49 adult donor conceived people from around Australia. This also included 3 DCP who flew across from New Zealand for the event. Additionally some Australian's flew back from Norway, USA, and Timor, making it a somewhat international event.
Several of these donor conceived people had never met another DC person before.
It was an emotional event with the sharing of stories and experiences, as well as the beautiful presentation of artwork and music relating to donor conception.
We had presentations on the use of DNA database testing, perspectives from donors, the state of the law in Australia, parallels between adoption and donor conception, as well as presentations by a Judge on children's rights, and by politicians on the changing face of the legislation in Victoria which will now give donor conceived people access to information on their biological father/mother (gamete donor) to bring it in line with what happens in adoption.
A thoroughly rewarding and eventful day, with many new friendships formed and old ones continuing.

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