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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Positive Experiences for DC People

I recently came across a post on Facebook in a donor conception group that was written by a parent who was asking DC people for input because they wanted their child to have a positive experience from being donor conceived. She also mentioned that she used an open ID donor, so that issue would not be rearing its head.
I found the question problematic because it makes the assumption that given a certain set of circumstances that a DC person would have to view their conception in a positive light. Therefore if a DC person had negative views about donor conception then there must be something inherently wrong with their upbringing.
I would argue counter to this point in so much that if a parent is trying to ensure that their child only views their conception in a positive light then this in effect is a form of brainwashing or at the least conditioning. Every DC person should be given the right to form their own opinion on their conception that is not biased by the views of their parents or society as a whole.
I know many DC people who had great upbringings and who view their conception and the processes surrounding it in a negative light and they should be allowed to express those views. Just as those who are happy with their conception, should be able to express those views too. It is far better in my opinion for a parent to support their child and subsequent adult with whatever stance they take on their conception and understand that it is perfectly natural for them to feel that way. They had no choice in the matter but the parent did. The parent should not be seeking post-hoc approval from their child.

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