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Monday, May 31, 2010

Genetic Genealogy Results Part 2

Since originally posting on this topic I have since conducted a Deep Clade test as well as increasing the number of markers to 67. Also in that time some people have also been tested that I have had a match with.
Firstly the Deep Clade test refined my haplogroup and turns out that it was slightly different than FTDNA suggested. The modal within my group however still points to an origin within England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany or Wales.
Before testing to 67 markers, I had a report of 2 matches at 37 markers of a genetic distance of 3 and 4 respectively (both with the same surname). Which is not startling but is reasonable. Upon completion to 67 markers, the extra 30 markers were exact matches, making a GD of 3 and 4 at 67 much more interesting. These markers that were different have a higher mutaton rate than other more common slow moving markers, so this helps add to a possible link.
FamilyTree reports that the probablity of us sharing a common ancestor is 96% within 12 generations, provided that we share the same or similar family names. Given that I do not know my paternity, my genetic family name may or not be this. However as the discrepencies in DNA profile I have between these people are different (ie. I fit somewhere in between them) and they have a known link then it is possible that this could be my paternal family name (but at this stage cannot be confirmed). There are further markers that these people have had tested that are not within my batch of 67, so I need to get these tested to see if the postulation still holds.

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