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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Governmental Inquiries

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 was a very memorable day. Not just because it was 30 years since the first IVF baby was born in Australia, but because the Senate announced that there will be a federal inquiry into donor conception practices in Australia.
From the Senate Hansard:
That the following matter be referred to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 November 2010:
The past and present practices of donor conception in Australia, with particular reference to:
(a) donor conception regulation and legislation across federal and state jurisdictions;
(b) the conduct of clinics and medical services, including:
(i) payments for donors,
(ii) management of data relating to donor conception,
(iii) provision of appropriate counselling and support
(c) the number of offspring born from each donor with reference to the risk of consanguine relationships; and
(d) the rights of donor conceived individuals.

Not only did the federal government announce an inquiry, but so did the upper house of Victoria.
It is only hoped that the rights and welfare of children to be born as well as existing children are afforded the rights and ethical treatment that is currently deprived of them.

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