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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freedom of Information

I am writing this to make people aware of the "possible" power of freedom of information. For those unaware, when I originally tried to obtain records to find out information on my donor, on 3 separate occasions I was told:
“The records are lost and we don’t know where they are”
“The records are destroyed”
“There are no records”
So I had 3 different stories. Which story was I supposed to believe?
Now technically these records are my mother’s treatment records and the procedure while carried out in a clinic, occurred in a public hospital. Under Freedom of Information (FOI) here we are entitled to obtain our own medical records. So I asked my mother to apply for her treatment records and delivery/postnatal records.
And guess what? Her treatment records with the donor code miraculously turned up along with the huge delivery/postnatal record tome (I have written about the problems of record keeping previously).
So here’s the gist. Even if a clinic tells you that records were destroyed over the phone or in person, do not accept it as fact until you (or should I say the relevant “legal” person) has applied for them in writing and through the official avenues.
With this example and the many others that I have heard of, how is any member of the triad; patients, “donors”, or most importantly offspring going to believe the word of the clinic and have trust in them. Not likely…………….


Anonymous said...


For adoptees the most common answers are they were destroyed in fire or flood.

Which of course is very convienent for the adoption agency to state...

I was told there was no file on me and from the state when I requested my non-id and told I must have been adopted from an agency or some other state etc.

Despite having been clear in my request that I held in my hands my unsealed adoption files from the court, that clearly stated I was adopted from that state. In the end I did not bother but I should have pushed to get my own records.

They lie because it is easier to make you go away.

damianhadams said...

Hi Adopted
I'd love a dollar for every time I've heard someone report that whether they be adopted or donated.
All of these clinics and agencies must have a hard time getting insurance because they are always burning or flooding (insert sarcasm).
I agree that it is an easy fob off for them.